Coils for LPG multi valves and LPG CNG reducer

Coils for LPG multi valves and LPG CNG reducer

All the coils for LPG multi valves and CNG reducers are available in several configurations, depending on the specific customer request.
The customization of dimensional and functional electrical parameters grants to the final customer high freedom on the technical aspect.
All the material used are able to withstand the strictest tests requested from the automotive sector.
This kind of coils may be used also in other applications, such as pneumatic and hydraulic sector


Technical specifications

  • Nominal voltage:
    – 12Vdc
    – 24Vdc
  • Nominal power:
    – Continuos Max 11-13-15-17W
    – Other options on request
  • Solenoid windings resistances: 11-13-9-8.5
  • Insulation class:
    – Solenoid: Class F; Class H
    – Copper wire=>200°
  • Integrated connection type:
    – AMP super seal IP67
    – Faston 6.3×0.8 IP30
  • Metallic parts: Material FeZn
  • Solenoid Isolation:
    – Bobbin PA+GF
    – Encapsulating: reinforced Nylon, or alternative

Customization of the metallic part and of coils on request.