Ferrite transformers

Ferrite transformers

Bluergo produces also Ferrite Transformers for frequencies up to 500KHz.
Transformers on customer request for SMPS Power supplies, impulse tarnsformers, Current transformers. Standard transformers from application notes of the biggest semiconductors producers

Technical specifications

  • Frequency: 20-500 KHz
  • Max power: 1W< 450W
  • Max Operating ambient temperature: 40 / 70°C
  • Input / Output Isolation: 4kV
  • Standards: EN 61558-1 / 2-16

Main properties

  • Series EI, EE, EL EEL, EF EFD, EP, ER, ETD, PQ, RM
  • Sizes from EI10 up to ETD49
  • Power from 1W up to 450W
  • High insulation between input and output
  • Construction with wire class I, class II and triple insulating wire