LE@F series tamsformers

LE@F series tamsformers

Compact Single phase transformers for PBC, potted, with power range between 0,5VA and 12VA.
Connection on PCB customized on request.

Technical specifications

  • Input Voltage: 115 o 230 Vac
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 0,5VA 12VA
  • Max Operating ambient temperature: 40 / 70°C
  • Input / Output Isolation: 4kV
  • UL certification: 5058/506/C22.2, file n. E472365, E472398 1446 file n. E471298
  • VDE/Enec10 Certification (EN61558): Certificate n. 4004361

Main properties

  • Input Voltage 115 and 230 Vac
  • Sizes from EI30 up to EI148
  • Power from 0,5VA up to 12VA
  • Self-protection against short circuit (EI30)
  • High isolation between primary and secondary