From standard to full customization

From more than 30 years, Bluergo is specialized in design and production of electromagnetic and electronic components.
Concretely speaking, it’s about hairline enamelled copper wire windings, which may vary depending on product category and sector of application.

The Company uses only top of range and precious materials with the purpose to design customized and innovative solutions.


With Bluergo, each product has the possibility to be customized. The company team develops, designs and produces components on specific customer request, depending on the single exigence of each customer and on the final application.


Bluergo has introduced in the marketplace a new line of standardized products with its own brand Le@f. The product line is composed of transformers and power supplies for PCB, covering a range of sizes that goes from EI30 up to EI42.


Home Appliance

From more than 30 years, Bluergo is leader in the design and production of copper windings specifically for the Home appliance, for white and brown goods in particular.


Bluergo, is specialized in the co-design, prototyping and production of co-moulded coils for the Automotive sector.

Bluergo designs, develops and produces also laminated transformers and power supplies of various sizes, with several configurations for Home Automation, Domotic and Industrial.